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Tender opportunities

Bid to provide services for BIG

BIG is always interested in working with good quality service providers. BIG's current contract opportunities are listed below.

BIG will publish responses to bidders’ clarification questions on this page, save where we consider the question and response to be commercially sensitive. Bidders are advised to regularly check this page for this information.

Download the Big Lottery Fund’s precedent contract terms and conditions

Where instructed to use S43 contract terms and conditions please download the Big Lottery Fund’s S43 Contract terms and conditions

Our Place 2 - Asset Based Community Development Support; Ref: BIG001-0423 (Please note: Only for bidders invited to the ITT stage)

Deadline: Noon, 25 April 2014

Media monitoring service covering Northern Ireland and the ROI; Ref: BIG001-0526

Deadline: Noon, 9 May 2014