It is really important that people using or passing-by your organisation can quickly and easily understand that you have received National Lottery Funding. You could do this by putting our logo on a wall, a website or a piece of equipment. The only requirement is that you try your best to make sure that most people engaging with your project do understand that it has been supported by players of the National Lottery.

How to get branded materials

This page lists physical objects like, balloons, large "cheques" or plaques that we'll send you for free. We also have logos that you can download for use online or on paper.

If you have received a Building Better Opportunities grant then visit the resources page for information on how to promote your funding.

Are you holding a big event?

Get in touch with our branding team who can help with any bespoke merchandise requests, and would love to talk to you about the possibility of us photographing your event.

Order Form

  • Stainless steel plaque (310mm x 260mm)

  • Perspex plaque (310mm x 260mm)

  • Small aluminium equipment plaque (115mm x 80mm)

  • Acknowledgement cheque (400mm x 750mm)

  • Vinyl banner (pink) (800mm x 600mm)

  • Balloon (pack of one)

  • A4 sticker sheets (mixed sizes)

  • Small sticker sheet (75mm x 50mm)

  • Medium sticker sheet (80mm x 70mm)

  • Large sticker sheet (120mm x 100mm)

  • Iron-on transfer for clothing

  • Vehicle sticker (210mm x 150mm)

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