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Alcohol Concern

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Projects funded

Networking Distant Neighbours Project

£288,899 on 24 Jul 1998 at SE1 in Southwark, SE1.

Networking Distant Neighbours

£360,365 on 03 Oct 2001 in Southwark

Supporting Alcohol Services to Work with Families.

£424,847 on 17 Jan 2008 in Tower Hamlets

Safe Haven: Fishguard and Goodwick Community Well-being Project.

£193,276 on 11 Jun 2013 at CF10 in Cardiff, CF10.

Removing the stigma and supporting people bereaved though alcohol misu

£9,475 on 13 Jan 2015 at N1 in Hackney, N1.

Building a supportive online community that helps people cut down on a

£10,000 on 11 Oct 2016 at N1 in Hackney, N1.