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Guide to delivering European funding (England only)

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Section one: Orientation May 2017


Section two: Introduction May 2017

Section three: Getting started May 2017

Section four: Payments and monitoring and financial claims May 2017

Annex A - Your payment schedule November 2017

Annex B - Progress project report May 2017

Annex C - Progress project report - COR/2/1 only June 2017

Annex D - Changes to your project form May 2017

Section five: Targets and project outcomes May 2017

Annex E - Target and project outcome schedule May 2017

Annex F - Target and project outcome schedule COR/2/1 only May 2017

Section six: Participants June 2017

Annex G – Participant file template May 2017

Annex H – Participant entry form June 2017

Annex I – Participant progress form May 2017

Annex J – Participant exit form

Annex K - Sample participant file October 2016

Annex L – Participant monitoring spreadsheet October 2017
Annex L – Data schema October 2017

Annex M - Participant definitions and data fields May 2017

Annex R – Participant exit form COR/2/1 only May 2017

Section seven: Partners and procurement May 2017

Section eight: Costs and expenditure May 2017

Annex N - Participant expenses, allowances and incentives form May 2017

Annex O - Financial monitoring spreadsheet Version 8 July 2017

Section nine: Publicity November 2017

Section ten: Cross-cutting themes May 2017

Section eleven: Evidence and retention May 2017

Section twelve: Projects based in London May 2017

Annex P – Participant exit form (London only) May 2017

Section thirteen: Glossary of terms May 2017


Section fourteen: Frequently Asked Questions October 2017

Section fifteen: Index May 2017


Throughout the Building Better Opportunities programme, we have published questions asked by the general public and their answers. These questions and answers have now been archived but are available for public viewing. To view, please contact us at esf@biglotteryfund.org.uk or call 0345 4 10 20 30.