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Dynamic Inclusive Communities

Building and strengthening the voluntary and community sector (VCS) in Scotland by investing in its infrastructure
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Funding size:
£10,000 - £1 million
Total available:
£20 million
Application deadline:
This programme is now closed

What's it all about?

This programme is closed for applications

Dynamic, Inclusive Communities is the Big Lottery Fund’s £20 million commitment to help build and strengthen the voluntary and community sector (VCS) in Scotland by investing in its infrastructure.

We have already committed more than £10 million through Dynamic, Inclusive Communities including the largest ever non-statutory investment in the third sector in Scotland through Supporting Voluntary Action.

Further to a review of Dynamic, Inclusive Communities we now want to ensure that the remaining funds will have the biggest impact and allow us to achieve the outcomes we have set out.

We believe that the best way to do this is to ensure that all relevant projects have a chance to be considered for the remaining funding.

Therefore, the closing date for outline proposal forms for projects fitting with Dynamic, Inclusive Communities is now 31 January 2008.

Those projects invited to complete a full application must do so by 30 May 2008. All applications can then be assessed simultaneously and final committee decisions will be taken in October 2008. This will also be the case for any applications that are currently outstanding.

We are primarily looking for applications to come from national networks or intermediaries, as we believe that this will ensure our funding has a bigger impact on the sector. For more information on the outcomes and types of projects we are looking to fund, please refer to the guidance for Dynamic, Inclusive Communities in the more information box.