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Activities for Young People

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Total available:
£4 million
Application deadline:
This programme is now closed

This programme is closed for applications


Application closing date: 26 October 2001

Total available: £48 Million

Funding was allocated to the 47 Connexion areas and each area summer activity partnership was responsible for providing activities as proposed in their original applications. This programme focused on targeting school leavers who were at risk of social exclusion and of becoming out of touch with education, training and employment opportunities.

Northern Ireland

Application closing date: 28 June 2002

Total available: £2.8 Million

Increasing pressure to achieve academic success and dealing with other adolescent pressures, such as bullying, causes some young people to be turned off by school.

Making available challenging activities through this funding programme provided opportunities for these young people to begin to reconnect with school.

The explicit purpose of the grant schemes is to increase the opportunities for disaffected young people at Key Stage 3 and 4 by providing projects that include:


Application closing date: 20 December 2002

Total available: £4 Million

AYP in Wales was launched in September 2002 with £3.25 million available. In light of the policy and infrastructure developments in Wales, it was decided that the AYP programme in Wales should be delivered through the 22 Youth Participation Projects which would also coordinate the bids for the area. It was also decided that a minimum amount of funding (£100,000) should be allocated to each local authority area to fund one project for each area.

Additional funding would be made available based on the number of young people (aged between 14 and 18) living in the area. The perceived benefit of a guarantee of funding on acceptance of the bid, versus a more competitive process, was to relieve the uncertainty and thus produce more realistic bid. It was also done to ensure that there would be Wales-wide coverage.