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Cancer Care Wales

Funding for projects that assist and support people living with cancer
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Total available:
£9.7 million
Application deadline:
This programme is now closed

This programme is closed for applications.

We aimed to help to improve cancer prevention through health promotion, and by educating local communities about the risks of cancer and how to minimise them.

We also aimed to help to speed up diagnosis and treatment in disadvantaged areas with the worst health inequalities, by funding the provision of new or updated high tech equipment.

We took a multi-level approach with this initiative to help combat cancer and the effects of cancer. Approaches included:

  • improving cancer prevention through health promotion activities and educating local communities
  • aiding detection by improving awareness of screening and by funding the provision of equipment in the case of breast cancer screening
  • improving treatment by funding equipment and improving access to existing provision
  • improving cancer care by establishing and/or developing collaborative partnerships to provide effective palliative care and associated support and information services.