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Healthy Families: Way of Life

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Funding size:
£250,000 - £500,000
Total available:
£7 million
Application deadline:
16/11/2007 17:00:00

Children dancing

This programme is closed for applications

Through the Healthy Families Initiative, BIG will help to promote healthy and active lifestyles among children under 12 years old by creating a joined up approach to children’s play, healthy eating and physical activity.

Way of Life is part of the Healthy Families Initiative. It will:

  • promote a joined up approach to healthy eating and exercise through community-based projects working with families
  • contribute to the evidence of what works in promoting healthy eating and exercise in children and families
  • foster joined up working on healthy eating and physical activity at local and national levels
  • develop links with children’s play.

BIG has contracted with an organisation called Hall Aitken to help support Way of Life applicants. They have developed three project models that applications will be based on. These models are:

  • Healthy Friends
  • Healthy Places
  • Healthy Home Tutors.

Models are broad plans for projects based on specific ideas for meeting the aims and outcomes of the programme. Applications must incorporate the approach of the model that they chose to follow.

The models will:

  • Promote healthy eating and physical activity among children and their families
  • Ensure that both nutrition and physical activity are essential parts of all projects
  • Promote a strategic approach to developing and delivering the projects
  • Make links with children’s play where appropriate.

Hall Aitken will also:

  • Work with applicants to choose the right model and develop their project
  • Ensure projects complement local and national plans and strategies
  • Support the applicants in developing and running their projects
  • Advise on self-evaluation
  • Collate and disseminate the self-evaluation findings.



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