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Managing and owning assets factsheet

This factsheet brings together background information on managing and owning assets, observations from the Big Lottery Fund’s asset based programmes, practitioner advice and policy context.

Managing and owning assets factsheet

Scottish Land Fund (Scotland)

The first round of the Scottish Land Fund programme ran from 2001 to 2006 and supported 188 communities across rural Scotland with £13.9 million of funding. Enabled by land reform legislation introduced by the Scottish Parliament, communities were supported to acquire, manage and develop rural land.

The evaluation, carried out by SQW Ltd. between 2004 and 2007, wanted to assess how far the initiative had met its overall aims; how successful individual projects had been in meeting their aims and good practice in running and developing projects and programmes. The results are based on interviews that were undertaken with 26 groups that received funding

Scottish Land Fund evaluation
Scottish Land Fund evaluation summary
Scottish Land Fund second report
Scottish Land Fund first report

Growing Community Assets (Scotland)

Growing Community Assets ran from 2006 to 2010 and made a total of 127 awards worth £48 million.

The evaluation was undertaken by SQW Ltd. from 2008 to 2013 and used a mixed method approach, incorporating project case studies, surveys of project managers and users, and surveys of households in communities where the projects were based.

Growing Community Assets final evaluation report
Growing Community Assets Phase 3 – Year 5 report
Growing Community Assets Phase 3 – Year 4 report
Growing Community Assets phase 2 report
Growing Community Assets phase 1 baseline report
Growing Community Assets phase 1 summary

Community Assets (England)

This evaluation was carried out by Rocket Science in 4 stages with the final report published in 2010. The £30 million programme funded a total of 38 projects.

The evaluation aimed to assess the success of the Community Assets programme in encouraging and implementing the process of asset transfer from local authorities to civil society organisations and so moving towards the programme outcomes.

Community Assets evaluation
Community Assets evaluation appendix A: Findings from the project survey
Community Assets evaluation appendix B: Six in-depth case studies
Community Assets evaluation appendix C: A consideration of the wider policy context at the end of the evaluation
Community Assets evaluation appendix D: A report from a learning event in November 2010
Community Assets evaluation appendix E: Reflections on Big Fund’s management of the programme
Community Assets evaluation appendix F: Programme outcomes framework
Community Assets second report
Community Assets first report

Community Asset Transfer (Wales)

The seven-year evaluation of the Community Asset Transfer funding programme by CMI and Rocket Science began in 2011.

The first evaluation report examines the rationale for the programme. It reviews the partnership between Big Lottery Fund and the Welsh Government in development and delivery of the programme.

You can read the first three evaluation reports by clicking on the links below.

Community Asset Transfer process evaluation
Community Asset Transfer process evaluation summary

The second evaluation report analyses the stakeholder journey through community asset transfer projects.

The 16 community asset transfer (CAT) projects were found to be characterised by distinct factors and characteristics, the most important being the difference in motivations for a CAT project.

Community Asset Transfer stage 2 - interim evaluation

The third evaluation report focuses on the outcomes from the CAT programme. For the most part, projects were delivered as planned, however, there were a number of common challenges that projects faced. Projects believe these challenges could be overcome in the future through additional support from partner organisations or access to expertise. The CAT programme and CAT1 projects played an important role in shaping broader community asset transfer practice in Wales and have promoted enthusiasm and confidence for the initiation of these projects within public sector organisations.

Community Asset Transfer Stage 3 – interim evaluation

The final stage of the evaluation will focus on assessing the economic, environmental and social effects of the CAT projects and the programme as a whole.