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Applying for funding

Understanding experiences of our application process
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Lottery distributors want to make the application process as straight forward as possible. We need to balance a limited burden on applicants with finding the projects that will go furthest in helping programme beneficiaries.

Helpful processes

Research amongst our grant applicants has highlighted:

  • the value of individual feedback, for both successful and unsuccessful applicants
  • the importance of conversations with assessors about the application
  • the importance of knowing assessing criteria
  • support for pre application systems, so less time is spent on applications that won't progress
  • the importance of clear, plain English on forms and guidance
  • the importance of not repeatedly asking for the same information - doing so can appear like trying to catch applicants out.

We recognise that our application and monitoring processes can be difficult. Yet funded organisations tell us this is good preparation for applying for and securing funding from elsewhere.

Involving TV

Some of our funding programmes have featured on TV programmes. It has showcased some of our funded projects. In some cases, it has also enabled the public to decide which projects we can support. The People's Millions on ITV was one example of this.

Involving TV programmes increases projects' publicity which can help increase support and volunteers. The media training that projects receive can also be beneficial. However, projects that do not receive financial support can feel the process needs too many resources.

More about the research

The application process

In 1999, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport investigated concerns about the burden imposed on applicants by Lottery distributors. To support their review, the National Lottery Charities Board (today, as the Big Lottery Fund) researched applicants' perceptions of our application processes.

The People's Millions

The People's Millions is a partnership between Big Lottery Fund and ITV. The public helps to decide which local community projects receive lottery money.

We appointed Leisure Futures Ltd to evaluate the programme in 2007.


The application process

Application processes research presentation

The People's Millions

The People's Millions evaluation
The People's Millions evaluation summary