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Empowering older people

How to grow the role of older people in society
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Older people make a valuable contribution to society. We’re supporting older people to grow their contribution further through our Silver Dreams Fund

As we strive to continually improve, there are important lessons that can be learnt from the programme. We’re evaluating the Silver Dreams Fund to facilitate this learning.

Evaluation indicators

To assess how our programme is supporting older people, we can look to a number of indicators. These include levels of:

  • isolation
  • neglect
  • physical activity
  • physical health
  • mental health and well-being
  • ability to cope with bereavement, grief and trauma
  • independence
  • civic participation
  • empowerment for carers.

By measuring different indicators we can better understand how older people can be supported. Learning what works well and what works less well helps us to shape our future funding. It can also help you with project design and implementation.

More about the research

The Silver Dreams Fund is a £10 million programmes. Through it, we’re addressing gaps in provisions for older people; we want older people to be able to deal more effectively with life-changing events.

We commissioned Ecorys to evaluate our Silver Dreams Fund. For more information read the report below under publications.


Silver Dreams Fund evaluation indicators

Silver Dreams Fund learning and evaluation: Final report summary

Silver Dreams Fund learning and evaluation: Final report