Passion4Fusion, Grant £36,700

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Passion4Fusion, Grant £36,700

Larger grants are made through a variety of programmes that cover every nation within the United Kingdom. This kind of flexible, longer-term funding is aimed at organisations whose ambitions are shaped by the people they serve.

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State Aid

Public funding for organisations carrying out commercial activities, including those with charitable status, is governed by the European Commission’s State Aid rules. State aid is defined by the treaty establishing the European Commission as “any aid granted by a Member State which distorts or threatens to distort competition by favouring certain undertakings or the production of certain goods”.

The National Lottery is regarded as a supplier of state resources alongside national, regional and local government bodies. Failure to comply with the rules means that the aid is unlawful, and may be subject to repayment with interest by the aid recipient.

It is your responsibility to check whether State Aid clearance is required. When developing your application, it is important that you consider and, if necessary, take advice on State Aid regulations. You should seek legal advice if you are unsure whether your project will require clearance.

Examples of projects that have been funded

  • KVIN

    Through their peer support model, Kirklees Visual Impairment Network (KVIN) has been helping people with visual impairments to use assistive technologies since 2008. Read more
  • Shettleston Community Growing project

    The Shettleston Community Growing Project has turned a derelict and unloved space in the heart of Glasgow’s east end into a popular community allotment. Read more
  • Rosie’s Trust

    Rosie’s Trust helps maintain and support the bond between owners and their companion pets when their relationship is threatened by the impact of the owner’s terminal illness, advancing age or acute cancer treatment. Their volunteer network across Northern Ireland supports people to keep their pets, maintaining the important emotional bond and helping reduce social isolation. Read more