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Children’s Play

BIG’s Children’s Play Initiative
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Total available:
£155 million
Application deadline:
This programme is now closed

What's it all about?

This programme is closed for applications

The Children’s Play initiative aimed to:

  • create, improve and develop children and young people’s free local play spaces and opportunities throughout England, according to need
  • support innovation and new ways of providing for children’s play
  • create a support and development infrastructure to ensure local agencies have the resources and skills to achieve the first two aims
  • promote the long-term strategic and sustainable provision for play as a free public service to children
  • ensure that local authorities work with other local stakeholders to develop children’s play strategies and plans
  • ensure that good, inclusive and accessible children’s play services and facilities are provided locally.

The Children’s Play Initiative was delivered in three strands:

  • Children’s Play programme (£123 million awarded)
  • Playful Ideas programme (£12 million awarded)
  • Play England project (£15 million awarded)