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Fulfilling Lives: Supporting people with multiple needs

Investing up to £112 million to improve the lives of people with multiple needs
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Click on the jigsaw pieces below for different perspectives on the issue of multiple needs - people struggling with more than one problem including homelessness, reoffending, problematic substance misuse and mental ill health.

Multiple Needs stories Read about a support service from Sue Northcott from DISC Read a press release on how one Birmingham group has benefitted from the programme Read about the cost to society from Nick O'Shea, Director of Operations at Resolving Chaos


Total available:
up to £112 million
Application deadline:
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What’s it all about?

This is an eight-year investment of up to £112 million aimed at people with multiple needs - individuals who are experiencing at least two of the following; homelessness, reoffending, problematic substance misuse and mental ill health.

People with such issues often rotate through various welfare and justice systems which can deepen the problems in their lives at a cost to them and society.

Big Lottery Fund’s investment will support these individuals in 12 areas of England by bringing different organisations and services together to offer them one co-ordinated support service that meets all their needs.

In each of the 12 areas, people with multiple needs are central to the plans - their development and delivery.

As well helping thousands of individuals, the funding will give organisations the chance to showcase and evidence more effective and efficient ways for designing, commissioning and delivering support services for this group in the future.

Supportive Quotes

Jon Snow, News Presenter & Chair, New Horizon Youth Centre
“I have worked for some four decades in a project that works with vulnerable and homeless young people and I have rarely ever come across funding targeted directly at supporting people of any age with multiple and complex needs.

“That’s why I am so excited by the Big Lottery Fund’s radically new approach to put £112 million behind bringing the assorted services together behind this needy but difficult group of people. I believe this initiative is going to make life changing differences to the lives of very many people previously regarded as on the margins of society. I’m particularly attracted to the way the Big Lottery Fund has engaged the client groups themselves in designing services.

“In austere and difficult times, the Big Lottery Fund is laying the foundations toward making profound difference. I’m honoured to support their endeavour.”

The Right Honourable Iain Duncan Smith MP, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions
"Social Justice is about delivering change to the lives of the most vulnerable. Moving people from dependence to independence. A cultural shift in how we deliver services is critical. This means ensuring every pound we spend delivers life change – no longer simply maintaining those facing multiple disadvantages, but instead tackling the root causes and ensuring people have the support and tools they need to transform their lives.
“The Big Lottery Fund for ‘Fulfilling Lives’ is exactly the right approach – harnessing the knowledge of local organisations and establishing innovative partnerships, in order to provide tailored help to those in need.
“I would like to congratulate the next round of successful bidders for the fund, and I hope that today is a fitting celebration. I look forward to seeing your partnership projects put into action, providing a lifeline to those trapped in disadvantage."

Mitch Winehouse, who alongside family members established The Amy Winehouse Foundation
“Since losing Amy I have been supporting charities that help people who are struggling with an addiction or health issue. I’ve been involved with the Big Lottery Fund since the start of this investment and I’m very excited that successful partnerships are now on the verge of receiving up to £10 million to start helping people with serious and complex problems. This money will bring different organisations together to offer people more tailored support to deal with all the different needs they may have.”

David Blunkett, Labour MP for Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough
"In my time in Parliament and before, I have had the privilege of working with and supporting many organisations doing phenomenal work, but know they have often been frustrated by the lack of joined up thinking. It is particularly gratifying to see the voice of service users reflected in decisions around this investment. After all, it is those users and beneficiaries of services that know best what is needed to turn their lives around. Let's hope this provides a new direction in changing that future."

Noreen Oliver, CEO The BAC O’Connor Centre
"I know from my own personal experience of addiction to alcohol what it means to spend years in a revolving door, lost in a system and culture that can so often result in lives spiralling out of control. I was lucky enough to find an exit route which lead to freedom from dependence and addiction, but so many others are not so fortunate. I therefore welcome this investment from the Big Lottery Fund which has the voice of service users at the very heart of its design. We need to work together to bring an end to those revolving doors – let’s open doors and help people living with multiple and complex needs find a way through."

Russell Brand
"The Big Lottery Fund is investing 100m in people with "complex needs" this means alcoholics, homeless folk, mentally ill people and drug addicts. They will be devising a strategy in collaboration with the beneficiaries- this is a unique and outstanding initiative that will significantly advance our society. The Big Lottery Fund has a simple solution to complex needs- now I might buy a bloody ticket."


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